One of the ask in the interview is “Person should be a team player can work cross-team”.

Have you ever thought about what it means? Which all trait company is looking in the candidate? Is it just working within the development team or non-tech team too?

You will be surprised…

This is the content I prepared for my youtube channel’s video.

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1. Why CSS Architecture matter?

2. What are the options

3. How to decide?

4. Explanations

Why CSS architecture matters?

Most developers just focus on JavaScript or its family. As a result, they ignore the styling of the application. Yes, logic is important but look-n-feel is also equally important. As a result, developers end up with messy CSS code which is non-maintainable and non-scalable.

I have published the whole article at Read here

A few months back while talking to a developer I realised that another issue of less awareness around the “Web Accessibility” is also because companies do not ask for accessibility knowledge. Hence, this gets overlooked. To do my part I started writing on “Interview questions guide on accessibility”.

Here are the all questions I wrote so far.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Happy Learning!!

Q1. What are the major screen-readers there are to test?

A: There are a few major screen-readers:

1) MAC OS — Voiceover (best with Safari)

2) Windows — JAWS, Narrator, NVDA,


4) Chromevox — Chrome Browser

Q2. We want to hide content from the screen readers how you will do?

A: There are a few ways through which we can hide the content from the screen readers:

1) Hiding images…

Hello All, I always loved blogging. Why? because I love to talk :). I moved my blogging to



“If there are two or more conflicting CSS rules that point to the same element, the browser follows some rules to determine which one is most specific and therefore wins out.” — W3schools

In this blog, we are going to learn about the rules and how to apply them to…

What is testing? What is testing for developers? Why Testing is important?

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Writing test-cases as per the developers is a tedious job. A developer is not able to see a bigger problem they are trying to solve by writing test-cases in their project. It is not 100% their fault. …

If you are an organizer, first-time organizer or planning to start your own meetup here are the few tips for you.

My name is Neha Sharma, I am the organiser of JSLovers . I am doing meetups from last four years and able to expand it in four cities. So…

In the last post, we saw how we can reuse components in React byusing children.props. In this post, we are going to learn one more pattern to reuse for creating reusable components in React — render.props.

What is render.props

render.props are a way to write reusable components. As per the React docs —…

Reusability of code is the most basic and fundamental part of writing the code.

If you are not able to develop the reusable code then your skills need improvement. In Javascript, reusability is pretty easy by using OOPS, design patterns, classes, functions etc. If we talk about Reactjs reusability becomes tricky.

Generally, most the developers assume that if we are making components we can…

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